Explore some of the hidden forest areas and test your limits at the same time. Ride your fat bike through swamps, bogs and forest pathways.
4 hours | snacks+tea | 6-10 participants | from 39 Eur p/p

Swamps and bogs tour

Feel the edge, speed and action, and get inspired by the atmospheric nature scenery on this 4 hour guided fat biking tour.
3,5 hours | atomic coffee | 6-10 participants | from 39 Eur p/p

Atomic Ride

An unusual combination of wild nature and industry. Ride a fatbike from "satellite" town Visaginas to Chernobyl's "twin" - Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant, through forests, bogs, little rivers and unique locals' summer houses, called "dacha's".
7 hours | sauna+lunch | 6-10 participants | from 59 Eur p/p

On fat bikes to sauna

Explore the hidden areas of dense forests and spongy swamps, admire the stunning lake views over a cup of hot scrumptious tea. Test your limits and immerse into complete relaxation in a hot steamy sauna at the end of the day.
2 hours | tea + cookies | 6-10 participants | from 29 Eur p/p

"Night-time madness" tour

Receive an adrenaline burst during one of our night-time fat biking tours!
1,5 hours | 6-10 participants | from 19 Eur p/p

Midweek stir: 1,5 hour tour

Short but mighty "after work" ride on fat bikes. A bit of movement and action in the middle of the week is exactly what you need.
4 nights | all-inclusive | 2-10 participants | from 499 Eur p/p

5 day lake district tour

An all-inclusive 5-day fatbiking tour. Perfect to fully appreciate the nature, learn about flora, fauna, locals' way of living, Lithuanian culture, as well as get some historical insights.
7 nights | all-inclusive | 2-10 participants | from 939 Eur p/p

Forests and lakes multi-activity

Ideal for those undecided about the type of activities they would like to try during one trip. This tour features hiking, fat biking and kayaking over 8 days spent in the beautiful forests and lakes of Gražutės Regional Park, with an opportunity to meet and learn from the local craftsmen.
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