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Visaginas is the youngest town in Lithuania, and this is undoubtedly reflected in its architecture, infrastructure, culture and general atmosphere.
It is unique and mysterious, attracting more and more tourists every year.

Visaginas was built around Europe's most powerful nuclear power plant, but it is also surrounded by dense coniferous forests and the clearest lakes. Unusual, right?

For a long time, this town has been shrouded in mystery and myth, and few have been willing to decode it. There are places in this beautiful town that only the locals know about. That's what we want to show you.
We will dispel all the myths and stereotypes about the town and reveal all its secrets.

1,5 hours | 10-25 people | from 5 Eur p/p

Visaginas tour

Discover more about the history, culture and modern life of Visaginas during our walking town tour. Visaginas is considered an enigmatic town with an intriguing nuclear past, many urban oddities and a unique internal culture. The tour itself will answer the question of how Lithuania's youngest town was built.
1 hour | 10-20 people | from 7 Eur p/p

Tour to IAE control room's simulator

Take part in an educational excursion to the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant Control Room simulator! The simulator fully imitates the real plant's Control Room at the time of the Unit's shutdown, as of December 31, 2009.
3,5 hour | 4-10 people | from 35 Eur p/p

Atomic Ride

An unusual combination of wild nature and industry. Ride a fatbike from "satellite" town Visaginas to Chernobyl's "twin" - Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant, through forests, bogs, little rivers and unique locals' summer houses, called "dacha's".
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