Available all year round

3,5 hours
20 km
Sedulinos al. 49, Visaginas

Ride through the hidden forest areas, along swampy pathways and learn interesting facts about the connection between Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant and Chernobyl, visit the territory of the station. Sneak peek at unique summer houses of the locals called "dacha's" as the heritage of the Soviet past. Feel the edge, speed and action, and get astonished by the contrasts of natural and industrial sceneries on this 2 hour guided tour.

Riding a fat bike instead of a regular mountain bike allows you to get through otherwise impassable woodland areas, such as swamps and muddy off-road. You'll be able to explore many of the secret forest areas, that not many people can get to easily. However, low pressure in the bike's tires also means that riding such bike is physically demanding.
This tour is designed for those who:
  • like off-beat routes and new experiences
  • want to test his/her limits and immerse into the wild nature fun

  • like to spend sustainable weekends, bringing back loads of positive emotions
  • would like to Improve his/her health

  • need to take a break from everyday routine
  • like to learn interesting facts about the place they visit


Starting at our so-called bike den at Sedulinos al. 49, Visaginas, we'll head off towards Iganlina Nuclear Power Plant.
Fat bike time
The route runs along famous "dacha" houses of the locals. There you can spot ineresting landscapes, have a sneak peek at locals' gardens and very specific architecture of the houses.

Then we head off towards currently decommissioning Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant where a part of "Chernobyl" series have been shooted. Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant is of a very similar construction to Chernobyl's one, but is more powerful - it's a RBMK 1500. The plant is located on Drūkšiai lake which is divided by 2 countries: Belarus and Lithuania.

Please note! make sure you have passport or ID card with you (driving licence won't do), you might need it in case of border check.
Time for a break
Half-way through the tour we will have a short break and enjoy the industrial surroundings of the place. It's time for you to have some rest and share the impressions over a cup of hot tea.

Be ready to hear about the history of the plant, its present-day situation and about the connection to "Chernobyl" series.

Depending upon the day of week and time of the day, there is an opportunity to come and have a bite in plant's canteen, cafe or to visit an info center of the plant (at extra fee).
Prepare to pedal a little more after this short break and finish the tour in the same place as started.
Price includes
  • Local English- Russian- Lithuanian speaking guide
  • Safety briefing
  • Fat bike and equipment hire