Available all year round

2 hours
Up to 15 km
Sedulinos al. 49, Visaginas

Feel the adrenaline rush during our special night-time fat biking tour! This tour is designed for thrill & extreme lovers. Suitable for those, who feel very comfortable on the bike, and exercise regularly.

On this tour you'll go very fast, down and up the hills, in the forest close to swamps, lakes, and high lake shores. And all of this - in the darkness of the night. Therefore an acute vision of an eagle is required.

Riding a fat bike instead of a regular mountain bike will give you an advantage for traction and high speed. You'll be able to whiz through puddles, sand and mud. However, the low pressure in the bike's tires also means that riding such bike will be physically demanding.
By choosing this tour, you will:
  • Re-energise by opening up a new outdoor activity for yourself
  • Test your limits
  • Experience and bring back a ton of positive emotions to your family
  • Improve your health
  • Take a break from everyday routine
Starting at our so-called bike den at Sedulinos al. 49, Visaginas, usually around 9.30pm - 10pm in summer, or from 5pm in winter. You'll receive your bike with headlights, a helmet and listen to a safety briefing. Then head off towards Smalvos lake.
Fat biking
Experience the forest in the darkness of the night. Ride your bike very fast, down and up the hills, close to swamps, lakes, and high lake shores. Inhale the tangy etheric smells of pine trees, feel the fresh air on your fingers and don't forget to look around!
We finish the tour at the same place as we started.

Price includes
  • Safety briefing
  • Local guide
  • Fat bike and equipment hire
  • Hell load of adrenaline and excitement