Available during all seasons
from 25 Eur
~4.5 hours
~14 km
6-15 people

A perfect tour for nature lovers wanting to get off the beaten tourist track while in Lithuania. A guided hiking tour in Gražutės Regional Park will let you fully appreciate Lithuanian beauty. Hear the whispering wind in the crowns of trees, inhale the tangy smell of pines, give your eyes and mind an opportunity to unwind and refuel. Enjoy the healing powers of the surrounding nature, and experience a deluxe feeling of calmness.

Gražutės Regional Park can be reached by train or coach from Vilnius in 2 to 2.5-hours.
Meeting and starting at the Litwild office, we'll head off towards Karačiunka lake.
A local guide will lead you on a 14 kilometer hike through dense forests, along beautiful lakes and close to spongy swamps. Expect to hear about local flora and fauna and possibly spot some wildlife.

Time for a break
There will also be a stop for a delicious snack! Your guide will show you how to prepare a traditional spanish dessert "churros" over a campfire, encouraging you to learn and take part in cooking. You will be relaxing sitting around the campfire, eating churros, sharing your impressions with a bunch of lovely people and having a photo session!
The tour will end at the same spot as you started - Litwild office. Alternatively, you could plan for some extra time to spend in Visaginas, for example, take an excursion to Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant.

Price includes
  • Local English-speaking guide
  • Spanish dessert and hot, herbal tea
  • Special present - mini photo session and professional photos from the tour
Why choose this tour?
  • No worries about way finding and your personal safety
  • Enjoy the fresh and shining faces of your loved ones during (and long time after!) the hike
  • Strengthen your immune system and get a therapeutic effect from breathing the pine forest air
  • Get a first-hand insight into local's life and traditions
  • Save at least 5 hours of your time, which you would have spent planning the route and solving other organizational questions