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    Why Us?
    Thanks to our experience and our constant search for new fascinating places and routes, we will show you the most beautiful and little-touched places in the Lake Districe.
    We offer a wide range of activities, combining both adventure relaxation depending on the time of the year, occasion behind the trip and group needs.
    We introduce tourists to local craftsmen, visit small farmers, take part in workshops, explore places that are not widely known and delve into local history and culture.
    We are always in contact with our clients and are ready to provide all the necessary information about the tours as soon as possible and offer what is right for you. Booking tours is very easy and convenient as the information about each tour is detailed and clear.
    Individual Approach
    We offer the possibility to design a tour according to the wishes and preferences of the group. We advise on the organisation of hikes and prepare individual proposals.

    Our tours are planned so that you don't have to worry about a thing. All you have to do is book your hike, arrive at your departure spot in Lithuania and enjoy the outdoors. We plan routes and activities, book accommodation, organise meals and workshops, and take care of other needs and concerns!

    What we do on a guided tour in Lihuania?

    All our tours are unique and unforgettable. Watch the videos to get inspired

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